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Will Journalists Flock to PR? We Can Only Hope.

More and more journalists are working on their resumes instead of articles these days. Just glance at the business section of the newspapers they used to work for and you’ll see headlines about more media downsizing and publications closing their doors. It’s a sad reality of the evolving media climate. While media organizations struggle with what business model will work best for the future, many journalists are finding themselves figuring out what’s next for them.

Personally, I’d like to see more journalists on the PR side of the equation. Some of the best PR people I’ve worked with have been reporters in their past lives. While many journalists might view making the transition to PR as crossing over to the dark side, I think it could be one of the best things for PR today. Here are a few reasons why journalists make better PR people:

  • Journalists know how to write well (and edit)
  • Journalists work well under pressure
  • Journalists love deadlines (and meet them)
  • Journalists don’t mind working long hours (or at off-peak times)
  • Journalists know how to find the story behind the story
  • Journalists know what journalists want
  • Journalists know how to not piss off other journalists
  • Journalists have existing relationships in the media

I could go on and on about this topic, but I’ve made my point. I can’t think of a client that wouldn’t want a journalist working on their account. A journalist brings far more credibility to the account team (and the agency) than many other PR professionals. The smart agencies (and corporations for that matter) should be monitoring media layoffs closely, they just might find their next best hire.

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