What Will Crazy Loons Do Without Newspapers?

It will be a sad day when I can no longer read my news on paper. But let’s face it, that day is getting closer all the time. I think we’ll all survive, as one experience replaces another. The final nail in the coffin for printed newspapers is going to be e-readers – which will soon [now] provide all of us with a viable compromise between print and digital.

As long as we have a vehicle for receiving our news, does the format really matter? I don’t think so. What really concerns me is all the other things we use newspapers for. What will happen when we no longer have stacks of papers around?

That’s the question raised by The Onion in its recent news report parody hitting on the hot-button issues surrounding the death of newspapers.

This clip leaves a lot of unanswered questions, namely:

  • What will crazy old loons stack in their houses when newspapers are gone?
  • Are newspapers more ‘stackable’ than computer printouts?
  • What will people cover the floor with while painting?
  • What will kindergarten teachers use now to make piñatas?

You gotta love The Onion. I don’t care what these people say, I’m not getting rid of my stacks of newspapers. They’re going to be worth money someday. Admit it, you’ve got a stack of newspapers in your house, don’t you?

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