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The First Four Months of Journalistics

I can’t believe it’s only been four months since my first post. While I’ve helped a lot of people launch blogs in the past, this was my first serious attempt at blogging to date. I really wondered if anyone would care about the posts I was writing. In February, 156 of you did. Now that might not sound like much, but considering we did zero promotion of the blog to friends and family, I was pleased by the results. I kept plugging away, trying to determine the editorial focus for the blog (something I continue to do on a daily basis), while many of you early readers provided support and feedback while suggesting the blog to others. Thanks to your generosity, we saw close to 800 visitors in March.

For many reasons I won’t get into, things slowed down a bit in April, with only a little more than 500 visitors to the blog. This was a wake-up call for me. I realized I had to make a commitment to the blog if it was going to be successful. We made some much-needed aesthetic improvements to the blog (thanks for your feedback on the changes), and continue to look for new ways to improve the overall look and feel of Journalistics (like switching to the best WordPress Theme in the world, thank you very much). I kicked things up a notch in May, cranking out even more posts, and you rewarded me for it. More than 3,000 of you stopped by in May.

Now, most people keep their traffic numbers to themselves, but I think it’s valuable information for those of you thinking about starting your own blogs. I’ve had a lot of ideas about topics I wanted to write about for some time, but I figured other people were already writing about them. This isn’t really the case with most of our posts. So many of you have taken the time to send me personal notes on how much you like this blog; and to date, I haven’t received any hate mail (thank goodness). If you’re thinking you’d like to start a blog, just do it. It’s so rewarding to hear from people who read your posts and keep coming back for more. As for this blog, we’ve only just begun.

So, where does this leave us? Over the course of the next couple of weeks, you’ll see a steady increase in the content on the blog. We’ve invited other journalists and public relations professionals to contribute their thoughts on current topics in our collective industries (if you’d like to submit a guest post, let us know). We’ll be expanding our advice articles, and hope to provide some insightful Q&A with industry leaders. Several of you have taken the time to suggest topics for us to cover on the blog, and we’re gradually working to fulfill those requests. I hope you will continue to read Journalistics and share our content with your peers. I hope too that you enjoy the content provided by our guest bloggers just as much as you’ve liked the posts I’ve done to date.

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