Stuff Journalists Like

I stumbled across an interesting blog the other day called Stuff Journalists Like. The blog, as you might suspect, is devoted to stuff journalists like. The blog’s editors are journalists with a good sense of humor.

Some of the stuff journalists like that I found particularly entertaining were:

  • #3 Free Food
  • #5 The Good Old Days
  • #12 Inverted Pyramids
  • #14 Bylines
  • #30 Press Releases
  • #75 Low Pay

If you couldn’t guess from the sample list above, the posts on this blog are filled with sarcasm and just a little bit of tongue and cheek. Which is exactly the type of humor I find amusing when thinking about journalism stereotypes. While some might find the “stuff” less than amusing, journalists with a good sense of humor will get a kick out of this blog.

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