New Startup Delivers More Perspective With News Coverage

Newsy looks pretty cool, but that’s just one perspective. This new online news site combines multiple sources of information to try to present a more fair and balanced view of the news. More perspectives. They gather news coverage from around the world and present an objective view of each story. You know, like real journalists are supposed to do?

Newsy is a new business model for journalism, operating on the assumption that most of the content we are exposed to is repetitive or revolves around a single perspective. Just flip through the channels on your TV set and you’ll get many different perspectives. Even the weather people on our local stations have a different idea of what it’s going to be like tomorrow. And then there’s the issue of what the rest of the world thinks about a story outside the U.S. I’m thinking more about global issues here than the weather.

According to the company, Newsy was inspired by several ideas:

  • An increased polarization of the news and public perception of bias in the media
  • A growing interest in global news
  • A radical change in media content distribution
  • Increased adoption of online video

Newsy sifts through all the coverage out there and creates bite-sized video segments, with clips from different news sources and commentary from Newsy’s editorial team members. It has rotating editorial teams that monitor each day’s news. In addition, its team researches blogs, newspapers, magazines, television, and Internet content to find many different sources of coverage on a story. It has its own technology behind the scenes to help it record and capture content, enabling its teams to process and synthesize content very quickly.

A lot of Newsy’s content is in video format – which is great for speeding through the news of the day. It’s pretty interesting to see how stories are covered internationally, with news from organizations like Al Jazeera and the BBC right there with CNN and ABC. The site also includes content from major newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Here’s what I like most about Newsy: instead of just becoming another aggregation source of news, adding to the clutter, Newsy actually analyzes the coverage and presents all sides of the story (all sides it can find that is). The service only launched seven weeks ago, so I’m sure it will continue to improve.

Newsy is yet another good example of a new business model in journalism. Has anyone else noticed there are a lot of journalism startups cropping up out there?

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