Mediaite Provides a Fresh Perspective on Media News

I don’t remember subscribing to Mediaite. I checked Gmail to see if/when I got a confirmation, but nothing turned up. I went to Mediaite’s website to see how easy it is to subscribe, but I could only find an RSS option (I’ve been getting a daily update via email). But you know what? It doesn’t matter, I’ve really enjoyed the content so far. Plus, I probably did subscribe and I’m just losing my mind.

So what is Mediaite?

It’s a new news site that provides “smart” opinions about print, online, and broadcast media. It’s hip and fun if you ask me. When I dug into things a little deeper, I saw that some of the people I enjoy following most on Twitter are behind Mediaite (namely @rachelsklar and @danielabrams). The site has taken its share of knocks so far, but mostly from people who still want to resist change when it comes to media innovation. It’s good, trust me.

What do I like most about Mediaite so far? Believe it or not, I like the content. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that without laughing. There’s a great mix of coverage, resulting in less of a “yeah I read that already” reaction from me. That said, the site is opinion-driven, and I happen to agree with most of the opinions expressed. I’m also very interested in media news and commentary, so if you’re not, you won’t share the same admiration.

Regardless of your interest, I would check out Mediaite’s “Power Grid“, an index of 1,500+ media personalities from 300+ organizations, ranked across 12 categories. Its algorithm looks at things like Twitter followers, Google Buzz, television airtime, Web visitors, ratings, circulation, and net worth to rate media personalities, with trending up and down arrows. Interesting indeed.

I’ve been reading a lot of media sites and blogs as background for this blog and Mediaite has done a much better job at pulling me in so far (I keep saying “so far” because the site only launched about a month ago). You may also want to check out the Panel Nerds Column. I’ve liked the posts so far. Mediaite is currently run by a five-person, full-time staff, including former Us Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller and former Portfolio editor Jim Impoco. The goal of the site is to provide smart opinions about print, online, and broadcast media. So far, so good.

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