Journalism Jobs Hard to Come By for Recent Grads

Have you been looking for a journalism job since last May? You’re not alone. The University of Georgia (UGA) just completed its “Annual Survey of Journalism and Mass Communications Graduates”, found four out of 10 journalism grads from 2008 were unable to find journalism jobs six to eight months after graduation.

This is officially the worst job market for journalism graduates ever (at least in the past 23 years UGA has been doing the survey). Out of the 2,500 recent 2008 journalism grads surveyed, only 60.4% of bachelor degree recipients had found full-time employment six to eight months after graduating.

If there is a sliver of good news in the survey though, it’s the fact that journalist salaries have remained flat for entry-level positions. The median entry-level salary is about $30,000 per year, which isn’t that bad considering the alternative (no job).

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