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It’s July 4th… Are You Ready for a Hot Dog Eating Contest?

There are influencers on the web for just about every subject under the sun. Pick a topic of your choice – we can assure you that someone is writing about it. If you write about something – on Twitter or Facebook, in a blog, or even in a “traditional” publication, wouldn’t you like to see what kind of influence you have on the community and find the leading voices to engage and interact with?

But how do you get there? A Google search probably won’t do it – it certainly won’t give you a score or rank the other top Influencers. That’s why we designed My impact… so you can search for any subject (you pick the keywords, we do the math) for both your score and a list of top influencers. For example, it’s that time of the year again… time for fireworks, parades, backyard cookouts, and – of course – the annual Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest. With only two exceptions (for war in 1941 and “civil unrest” in 1971), the contest has brought the world’s best and brightest hot dog eaters to Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York every Fourth of July since 1916. The contest has grown to be an international sensation, attracting the top competitive eaters from around the world, most famously (or infamously, given his arrest for crashing last year’s contest) Japan’s Takemura Kobayashi and America’s reigning champ (4 times in a row!) and hot dog world record holder Joey “Jaws” Chestnut.

In case you’re wondering how serious these eaters are, Jaws’ record is 68 hot dogs in ten minutes. To put that number in perspective, it’s about equal to the number of hot dogs the average American eats in an entire year. It’s quite the spectacle, and millions of people the world around pay attention or tune in to watch it. It’s even televised on ESPN!

So it’s no surprise that a number of people are writing, blogging, and tweeting on the subject. We used our My impact product to figure out exactly that question. We found folks who talk about hot dogs, others who focus on competitive eating, and even a few who write influentially on the contest itself. Below is just a – pardon the pun – taste of what we found:

  • Jonathan Bender – writes for multiple publications, including the Fat City blog for The Pitch, where he’s written about Joey “Jaws” and a competitive eating club at the University of Maryland.
  • Rebecca Marx – a food critic and writer for The Village Voice’s Fork in the Road blog. While she usually covers more serious food stories (like saving H&H Bagels), she has also been covering the Coney Island contest that’s right in her backyard – for example, covering Kobayashi’s persona non grata status at this year’s event.
  • Jamie Feldmar – the food editor for Gothamist and creator of her Jamie’s Stomach Tumblr, is another New York writer who has been covering the upcoming hot dog face-stuffing event, most recently covering the black-listed Kobayashi.
  • Hawk Krall – is the person to follow if you care about hot dogs. He writes a weekly column for Serious Eats, Hot Dog of the Week, and also talks about the oddly compelling intersection of hot dogs and comics (and more) on his personal blog.

It doesn’t matter what you care about, read about, or write about. My impact is designed to let you find the top influencers regardless of the subject. With My impact, you pick your own keywords, so you can define your subject, topic, or market, in your own way, as specifically and granularly as you’d like. Better yet, it’s free, so check us out at today!

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At mBLAST, Gary is driving the company’s solutions to change how marketing identifies with and works with, the individual influencers of its market who are daily shaping public perception of one’s company, product, and services.

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