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Social Media Has Changed Brand Management Forever

When it comes to online brand management, most businesses are already familiar with the more common techniques such as using…

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5 Ways Journalists Can Use Twitter

Social media and journalism are becoming more and more intertwined, and while the debate rages on if social media is a…

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8 Google Tools for Brainstorming

It’s not easy to come up with fresh ideas all the time. Beyond the books, you read and the people…

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Journalists on Facebook

Facebook announced a new “Journalists on Facebook” Page yesterday, a new Facebook Page dedicated to helping journalists use Facebook as…

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Media Has Changed… It’s Time for PR to Catch Up

Let’s face it. If you you’re stuck with business as usual, this won’t be your year. Brands are racing to…

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I Get My News Online

I love the sensations a printed newspaper offers. The scent, the feel, the look of it. It’s part of the…

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How Is Social Media Not Journalism?

There’s no denying where most of us get news. Michael Jackson’s death, the Hudson River plane crash, Charlie Sheen finally…

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When Communicating, Start With ‘Why’

A while ago, my brother gave me the book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by…

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The Secret Formula for Online Video

There are a lot of brands out there searching for the secret to virality when it comes to online videos.…

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Surviving Facebook’s New Fan Page Photo Roulette

In typical Facebook fashion, they’re giving you about 4 weeks to ponder how you feel about the new Fan Page layout. Then, on…

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