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MediaOnTwitter Wiki 2.0

As announced on this morning, the MediaOnTwitter wiki is getting an upgrade. The new MediaOnTwitter wiki will be powered by TrackVia’s online database, and…

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Using Twitter for Media Relations

There’s no question that Twitter is the new playground for media relations professionals looking to connect with busy journalists and…

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Journalists and Bloggers Are In Control… Don’t Piss Them Off

If you work in media relations, journalists and bloggers are your bosses. I think a lot of media relations pros…

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Twitter Forces PR Pros to Get to the Point (Journalists Love It)

Is it just me, or are journalists and PR people playing nice on Twitter? For some reason, the media have embraced Twitter…

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Top 25 U.S. Newspapers On Twitter

While the Top 50 U.S. newspapers seem to be just starting to build up their fan base on Facebook, Twitter has been a…

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Where to Stalk Journalists on Twitter

Journalists are the celebrities of the PR world. Wherever journalists go, there are sure to be some PR pros nearby.…

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Create Your Own Social News Site With Slinkset

I recently stumbled across Slinkset in my regular quest for new journalism business models (technically it’s been around since last summer). Slinks enable…

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Media Relations is Evolving, Not Dying

Todd Defren, a principal at SHIFT Communications, recently blogged about The Next 50 Years of Public Relations on his PR-Squared blog. In his…

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How To Develop Your Digital Content Strategy

What’s a digital content strategy? This is a hard question to answer in 2015. Is a digital content strategy something…

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Is Twitter the New Wire Service?

Much of the news we get from local papers originate from wire services. This is the end result of multiple…

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