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A Sure Sign News Teases Don’t Work in Social Media

If you’re a Virgo, like me, you are probably still reeling from the identity crisis you experienced upon hearing you may in fact not be a Virgo after all. The news that the zodiac calendar has shifted spread faster than the speed of light through social media and has simultaneously proven that news teases in social media are about as useful as that Libra tattoo you got in college. Here’s why:

1. Social Media is Faster than You Are

Before a single television producer in the nation could string together a 30-second voice over, this lunar landmine instantly became a trending topic on Twitter and sparked a wave of tattoo remorse in the Twitterverse:

2. It’s Already Online Somewhere Else

Take a look at this post from a Jacksonville, FL television station:

If someone hasn’t already seen it on their friend’s Twitter stream, they’re certainly not going to wait around to watch the 10 p.m. news to find out if they need to update their profile on And, WJXT has committed what I call the #1 marketing mistake on Facebook They’ve neglected to include a link to their website where the story can be found.

3. Your Fans Will Fill In the Blanks

Social media users like to be involved in the news-gathering process, and when they see a hole in your reporting, they’ll fill it. Unfortunately, they will often fill it with someone else’s reporting.

This means not only is no one watching your newscast to find out that their zodiac sign has actually not changed, but it also means they’re visiting someone else’s website to read the story. (Despite a great deal of panic spread mostly through rumor on social media, the change in the zodiac calendar does not actually mean that your sign has changed.)

Of course, there are ways to use Facebook and Twitter to promote your broadcast, but traditional tease writing just isn’t one of them. For tips on how to successfully use social media to promote your newscast, check out my blog at

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